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Dubai, a vibrant cosmopolitan city, is home to a diverse expatriate community. Navigating family law in such an international context requires specialized legal expertise. At lawyersindubai.com, our team of experienced expatriate and international family lawyers is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support to families and individuals facing these unique challenges. Whether it’s divorce, custody, or financial settlements, we understand the intricacies of both UAE and international law. Our goal is to guide you through these complex legal processes with compassion and professionalism, ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in UAE Family Law: Our legal team possesses in-depth knowledge of UAE family law, including the application of Sharia law for Muslim families and its implications for non-Muslim residents. This expertise is crucial for effectively navigating the legal system and securing favorable outcomes for our clients.

International Legal Knowledge: We understand that expatriate and international family law issues often cross borders. Our lawyers are well-versed in international legal standards and practices, enabling us to handle cases that involve multiple jurisdictions.

Customized Legal Solutions: Each family’s situation is unique, especially in the context of expatriate living. We offer tailored legal services designed to meet the specific needs of each client, focusing on personalized strategies to achieve optimal results.

Confidential and Compassionate Service: We prioritize your privacy and emotional well-being throughout the legal process. Our team approaches every case with sensitivity and discretion, offering support and guidance to ensure you feel understood and respected.

Our Services

Divorce and Separation

Navigating a divorce or separation in Dubai as an expatriate involves understanding both local laws and how they intersect with international legal principles. Our lawyers specialize in managing these complexities, ensuring that your rights are upheld whether your case is governed by UAE law, Sharia principles, or involves elements of foreign legislation. We guide you through every step, from filing petitions to finalizing settlements, prioritizing your interests and those of your children.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody cases in Dubai require a nuanced approach, especially for expatriate families. The UAE courts prioritize the child’s welfare, and our lawyers work diligently to present your case in the light most favorable to achieving a custody arrangement that reflects your child’s best interests. We also handle child support negotiations, ensuring that financial arrangements are fair and meet the needs of your children.

Financial Settlements

The division of assets and finances during a divorce can be particularly challenging for expatriates, who may have assets and investments in multiple countries. Our team is experienced in navigating the legalities of cross-border asset division, working towards settlements that protect your financial security and future.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

We assist clients in drafting and reviewing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that safeguard their interests in the event of a separation or divorce. These agreements are invaluable tools for expatriates, providing clarity and security for assets and financial arrangements across different jurisdictions.

Domestic Abuse and Protective Orders

Our firm stands with victims of domestic abuse, offering legal support to navigate the challenging process of seeking protection and justice. We assist in filing for protective orders and represent you in court, ensuring your safety and rights are paramount.


What legal rights do expatriates have in UAE family courts? Expatriates have the right to seek legal recourse in UAE family courts, including filing for divorce, child custody, and financial settlements. The laws applied may vary depending on the individual’s nationality and religion, but expatriates can expect their rights to be considered and protected under UAE law.

How does the divorce process work for expatriates living in Dubai? The divorce process for expatriates can involve either UAE law or the laws of their home country, depending on the circumstances. It typically starts with filing a petition in the Family Guidance section of the Dubai Courts. Our lawyers can guide you through the specific steps, which will depend on your situation and legal strategy.

Can I apply my home country’s law to my divorce proceedings in the UAE? Yes, in certain cases, expatriates can request the application of their home country’s law to their divorce proceedings. This is subject to approval by the UAE courts and depends on the specifics of the case.

What should I know about child custody laws as an expatriate in Dubai? Child custody laws in Dubai aim to serve the best interests of the child. Expatriates should know that UAE courts consider various factors, including the child’s age, the parents’ living conditions, and the parents’ ability to provide for the child, when making custody decisions.

How are assets and finances divided in expatriate divorce cases? Asset and financial division in expatriate divorce cases can be complex, especially when assets are located in multiple countries. The division is generally based on the couple’s marital regime, with consideration for UAE laws and potentially applicable foreign laws.

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Facing legal challenges in a foreign country can be daunting. Our team of experienced expatriate and international family lawyers is here to support you through every step. Whether you need guidance on divorce, custody, or financial settlements, or have other family law concerns, we are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward resolution and peace of mind.

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