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Property Disputes – Real Estate Matters

Protecting Your Property & Your Investments with Over 20+ Years of Regional Experience

As leading lawyers, we understand the uniqueness of each real estate issue, demanding meticulous attention. Our dedicated team ensures top-tier legal services for developers and investors. With expertise in UAE court systems, land departments, and real estate laws, we offer optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

Real Estate Buyer Facilitation: Secure Your Rights

Our expert team ensures your rights are fully protected during the purchase process, in line with the Dubai Land Department's guidelines.

Real Estate Selling Facilitation: Maximize Your Returns

Navigate the complexities of selling property in Dubai with our dedicated lawyers, who ensure every step is legal and optimized for your benefit.

Escrow Services: Buy Property Without a Local Bank Account

Our unique escrow services make it possible for international clients to invest in Dubai real estate securely, without the need for a local bank account.

Rental Dispute Resolution: Protecting Landlords & Tenants

From eviction notices to defense and dispute resolution, we safeguard your rights, whether you're a landlord or a tenant in Dubai.

Our Expert Dedicated Lawyer’s Team Will Assist You Fully With All Your Real Estate Matters

From buying to selling and renting properties in Dubai, our team is here to guide you through every step of the process. We provide comprehensive support according to the Dubai Land Department’s guidelines, ensuring your peace of mind and the protection of your rights in all real estate transactions.


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What our client says about our Real Estate Lawyer service

Syed Adnan Ali
Syed Adnan Ali
Well Managed and provides expert solution highly recommended.
Rasha Ali
Rasha Ali
Faisal was very helpful and gave me all the details to fix my apartment situation. Really appreciate it
Claudia Peñuela
Claudia Peñuela
Samah Harraz
Samah Harraz
Faisal advised me clearly about my right and he was very nice to do that for free
Saad was very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me towards the right direction!
Amit Roy
Amit Roy
Faisal and team is very helpful. They have guided me with my rental dispute case.. Highly recommended..
Tchikou Abdellah
Tchikou Abdellah
Natalie Dawson
Natalie Dawson
Thank you so much for your prompt advise on my clarifications with regards to the Tenant laws which was very helpful. I am an expatriate not sure how the tenant and landlord laws are, but you have given me a very clear picture and advised me on everything. I will highly recommend you - Faisal for my colleagues and friends.
Teoman Özer
Teoman Özer
Faisal is an outstanding UAE lawyer who demonstrated unparalleled expertise and professionalism throughout my legal matter. His dedication and attention to detail truly set him apart. I am grateful for his excellent service and highly recommend Faisal for anyone in need of top-notch legal assistance in the UAE
nehala kamal
nehala kamal
Dubai Lawyers

Secure Your Property Rights in Dubai With Expert Legal Assistance

Why You Choose Us?

Expertise in Real Estate Law: Your Trusted Partners
At IKA Lawyers, represented by Ibrahim Khaleel, we stand out as the premier law firm in Dubai with a dedicated Real Estate Department. Our expertise is not just in law; it’s in real estate law specifically. Here’s why partnering with us ensures your peace of mind in real estate transactions

Unmatched Real Estate Expertise

With a team led by Ibrahim Khaleel, our specialization in real estate law means you receive guidance from experts who are not only knowledgeable about the law but also about the Dubai real estate market's nuances.

Dedicated Real Estate Department

We are one of the few law firms in Dubai with a department solely focused on real estate. This means every aspect of your transaction, from buying and selling to investing and renting, is handled with unmatched expertise.

Comprehensive Support, Solutions

Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We provide personalized, comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your rights are protected, and your investments are secure.

Proven Track Record

Our satisfied clients speak volumes. With numerous successful cases under our belt and accolades to our name, our reputation in Dubai's real estate sector is unparalleled.

Protect Your Rights with Dubai’s Best Real Estate Lawyers

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