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Keybook on Requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

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What is a Marriage Certificate

An official document attesting to two people’s marital union is a Marriage Certificate. This certificate is officially produced and registered by a public government department in the United Arab Emirates. It includes important information including the couple’s names, the time and place of the marriage ceremony, and other relevant details. The marriage certificate must be attested for it to have legal validity.

Essential Requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, attesting a marriage certificate entails having the document officially verified by departments, authorities, or other authorized parties and bearing their official seal and signature. This important procedure verifies that the designated agency issued the marriage certificate and that the signature and seal on it are authentic.

Even in cases when the certificate holder is not physically present in the nation that issued the certificate, we can assist you with the complete attestation process.

The following documents are the requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization Letter

One cannot stress how important it is to get your certificates certified. One essential service that helps to validate your documents and credentials is document attestation, which verifies important details like names and signatures. The marriage certificate is a crucial document, but attestation is required for several other documents that are issued in the United Arab Emirates. Documents for attestation in the United Arab Emirates can be broadly classified into personal, educational, and commercial.

Reasons Why Should You Have Marriage Certificate Attested in Dubai

Here are some common reasons you may need to have your marriage certificate attested:

Residence Visa for Spouse: Attesting your marriage certificate is often a prerequisite for bringing your spouse on a residence visa.

Health Insurance: Adding your spouse to your health insurance may require an attested marriage certificate.

Passport Updates: To include your spouse’s name in your passport, an attested marriage certificate may be necessary.

Legal Proceedings: Applying for divorce or your children’s passport may also necessitate the attestation of your marriage certificate.

Property Transactions: If you plan to buy property jointly with your spouse, an attested marriage certificate might be required.

The Attestation Process in UAE

Understanding the attestation process in the UAE is crucial. It typically involves a three-step procedure:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Home Country: The marriage certificate needs attestation in the home country to be internationally recognized. The process varies by nation, with the Ministry of External Affairs of the issuing country being the highest authority for authorization.

Embassy of UAE: Once attested in the home country’s ministry, the documents are sent to the UAE embassy. Authorities in the embassy certify the certificate after confirming its attestation by the relevant authorities in the home country.

MOFA Attestation in UAE: The final step involves the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, which reviews and validates the document’s contents. This serves as a conclusive check, confirming that the certificate has been notarized and attested by a stamp in the issuing or home country.

FAQs – Requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

How to attest marriage contract in Dubai?

Get the certificate from the person who performed your marriage ceremony, the marriage officer. Give your spouse’s and your identity documents. Attest the certificate in person or through an approved service center with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to get a marriage certificate attested by the UAE Embassy in Pakistan?

The following paperwork is needed for the UAE Embassy to attest your marriage certificate: Original marriage license issued by NADRA, certified by MOFA Pakistan. and a copy of the UAE residence document. copies of your passport and NIC for yourself and your spouse.

How much is the attestation fee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai?

The service charge for personal status documents is 150 AED. The service charge for business documents is AED 2000.

How can I get a red ribbon for my marriage certificate in UAE?

This ribbon confirms that the documents are authentic. Procedure: Present your original documents to the DFA office in the Philippines, such as marriage certificates, diplomas, and birth certificates. The DFA certifies the document’s legitimacy by attaching the Red Ribbon following verification.

Embarking on the journey of knowing the requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai? Navigate the complexities with ease, supported by expert guidance from lawyers in Dubai specializing in family law. Here’s your comprehensive guide to understanding the process and why legal assistance is crucial.

Why Pick Family Lawyers in Dubai for the Attestation of Marriage Certificates?

Legal Expertise: Family lawyers in Dubai have specific experience that guarantees a deep comprehension of the complex attestation procedure.

Proactive Issue Solvers: Face difficulties? Marriage lawyers in Dubai provide specialized solutions to expedite the attestation of your marriage certificate while skillfully navigating legal roadblocks.

Seamless Process: Take advantage of an efficient and smooth attestation process, managed by experts who are aware of the subtleties of Dubai family law.

The Importance of Attestation on Marriage Certificates

A marriage certificate is a legal document that needs to be validated, not only a sign of unity. Marriage lawyers in Dubai are essential in ensuring that your certificate is valid for a variety of uses, such as real estate transactions and visa applications.


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Safeguard Your Attestation Process with Skilled Legal Assistance

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