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Muslim Christian Marriage in Dubai, UAE

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Marriages help in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, or any other emirate are governed by the UAE law. As per these rules and regulations, getting married is the only bond that could exist between a man and woman for establishing a legal relationship. Abiding by the legislation is a must in UAE.

Muslims are not allowed to get married to the people of other religions as per the Sharia laws whereas UAE emirates strictly follow the Sharia principles. In case a Muslim woman wants to get married to a Christian man, then the Christian should convert to Islam and provide proof of conversion.

How and Where to Perform?

There are multiple legal requirements that must be fulfilled in all the cases of marrying in the UAE. Whenever Christians and Muslims plan to get married in UAE, they must consult family lawyers in Dubai as they guide them about the laws associated with the matter. 

To initiate the marriage procedure, the future couple should approach the court. It is done to ensure that they are guided as per the laws of the UAE. Moreover, the legal officials are permitted to carry out the marriage procedure as per the Islamic law and Federal legislation of UAE.

Legal Requirements for Christian-Muslim Marriage

Presence of Couple

The man and the woman getting married need to be present on the scheduled date and time which was set for the marriage to begin the procedure without any delay.

Medical Screening

Getting a premedical certificate for future spouses is a must to provide legit proof of their present medical status. This premarital requirement gives evidence of their present health condition as it is carried out by the professionals. This certificate entails that the parties willing to get married are medically fit to initiate it. Any public health care service provider can issue this medical certificate.

Legal Attorney

The future couple should get in touch with any of the family lawyers in Dubai. The presence of a legal representative is a must or there should be a substitution. In the case of the presence of a lawyer, the closest male guardian such as a brother or uncle is approved as a witness. Whereas, a woman who wants to get married needs the consent of her guardians.  


The marriage-related documents should be registered in the UAE. This process is crucial to make the marriage legally valid.

Get a NOC

If the legal representative and the bride are from different religions, then she should get a no objection letter from the relevant authority. The family lawyer acts as a witness for initiating the marriage

  • Provision of Muslim-Christian Marriages

The requirement-set for initiating the marriage which must be fulfilled by the future couple is as follows:

  • Presence of a lawyer on the bride’s behalf and two witnesses 
  • Both parties should provide a premedical certificate 
  • Valid residential visa to stay in UAE

Muslim-Christian Marriage

Muslims, whether they are a UAE citizen or belong to any other nationality can marry in the UAE court. According to UAE law, a Muslim man can marry a woman of any nationality but their religion should be the same.

Likewise, a Muslim woman living in the UAE is allowed to get married to a man of the same religion. The couple should abide by the Sharia laws and Federal rules of the UAE to ensure that their marriage is legally valid. Failing to comply with the regulations makes the couples face legal liabilities. 

Christian Marriages in UAE

Conducting a Christian marriage in the UAE mainly depends upon the nationality of the future couple. Most often, the rules of their home country are applied for initiating the marriage. Consulting family lawyers in Dubai is significant as they will provide better guidance by telling about the applicable laws.

Muslim Marriages for UAE Nationals 

The rules followed in UAE enlist that such weddings should be initiated in the marriage section of UAE courts. UAE laws specify that a lawyer of the bride should be present during the wedding proceedings along with two witnesses 

A written declaration for the no dowry should be provided to the court as proof that there are not any dowry agreements between the couple. However, if there is any dowry promise then it should be specified on time to make it legitimate and it should be paid beforehand to the bride.

Mixed Religion Marriages

Conducting this kind of marriage requires the couple to hire a legal representative for understanding the laws. Family lawyers in Dubai are well-aware of the marriage laws followed in the UAE thus guide accordingly. They provide comprehensive details about Muslim and Christian marriage.

Legal entities ensure that you follow the right procedure to make sure that they complete all the relevant procedures. Getting consultation beforehand is helpful to get familiar with the applicable laws and choose one of the best family lawyers in Dubai for initiating the marriage. 

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