Acquiring a valid will in UAE requires time, effort, and knowledge of the law. UAE is a federation of 7 emirates which is governed by multiple legal entities. Federal legislation, Sharia principles, and civil rules are followed in all emirates whereas the ruler of every emirate has also devised some specific laws.

Will Writing Services in UAE

Thus, the pre-requisites Will Writing Services in UAE to secure the asset distribution after your demise also differ depending upon your nationality and religion. To guide you about the legal procedures associated with will writing and civil partner in UAE, our chosen legal consultants and advocates are available round the clock to assist you. Hire the best Will Writing Services in UAE today.

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Process of Making a Will in UAE | Will Writing Services in UAE

  1. Select Your Will

Choose an appropriate type of will that better fits your needs and asset holdings in the UAE.

  1. Fill in the Information

Enter the required information in the form and attach the necessary documents.

  1. Accept an Acknowledgement 

Our team of associate legal attorneys will be in touch to finalize and verify the information you have submitted in the will. We will inform you about the will expenditure and deal with any issues corresponding to the invoices.

  1. Payment

Pay the cost of will through cheque, bank transfer, or cash. Wills will only be processed after the payment is done.

  1. Review and Finalize

You can review the draft of the will to make any changes and finalize it. The attested copies of the will are sent by courier after final approval.

Types of Wills in the UAE

Drafting a will is certainly one of the most imperative things you can do for your family members. From legally protecting your children, spouse, and assets to spelling out how your possessions will be handled after your demise that is what a will can do for you. With the assistance of our associates, we offer will writing services and help you to get familiar with different types of wills and choose the one which better fits your situation. Whether you want information about Will Writing Services in UAE that cover your assets in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or parts of UAE or you want to know more about wills for expats, our registered legal experts will always be there to help you.

Categorization of wills in UAE is done as follows:

Wills for Non-Muslims

DIFC Wills

Wills and Probate Registry (WPR) – Dubai International Financial Centre is established for the purpose of dealing with probate-related matters. WPR gives non-Muslims to get a Will Writing Services in UAE. DIFC Wills are registered with Wills and Probate Registry but they only deal with obsessions located in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai. In this kind of will, the transfer of assets is not followed by Islamic laws. Non-Muslims who own a property within the premises of Dubai or Ras AL Khaimah can get this will to manage their asset distribution.

UAE Asset Will

Non-Muslims bearing property and other assets out of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah can get this kind of Will Writing Services in UAE by our associates. It specifies that the assets of the will owner will not adhere to the Sharia law rather the will clause will be followed. A UAE will accurately define who will be your beneficiaries for dealing with the assets in the country. Irrespective of your assets located in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, or any other emirates of UAE, you will rest assured that your possessions are distributed as per your desire.

Wills for Muslims

Sharia Complaint Will

Muslims living in UAE should be familiar with the fact that Sharia principles automatically regulate the tax procedures and inheritance transfer of your assets sited in the UAE. Sharia-compliant will keep your will clauses in line with the Islamic laws. The testator can specify the transfer of 1/3rd of his possessions with these expat wills. The will owner can also appoint guardians, executors, trustees, and funeral arrangements. You can get a consultation from our associate will writing professionals in making a will all over the UAE.

Muslim Wills with Letter of Consent

A testamentary disposition of possessions owned by Muslim expats in UAE can be done by obtaining a letter of consent signed by Sharia heirs. It ensures that the assets of owners will be transferred as per their wishes. Immediate and natural Sharia heirs must sign the will. A natural heir could not be stopped from revoking the letter with content that Sharia law should not be applied to the estate. Dubai courts respect the right of heirs and revoke such requests. Otherwise, it is termed as contrary to Sharia laws to deny the right of the beneficiary for changing his mind.

Offshore Company Setup

The practical and legally valid way for Muslim expats in UAE to create an offshore corporate structure as it provides them the certainty they require in the transference of their assets. Such procedures are relatively expensive but business owners can find it useful as it matches the size of their estate. Moreover, it adds more probability to the certainty levels when it comes to managing real estate property and other moveable assets distribution in the UAE.

Guardianship Letter

The Guardian letter in UAE opted by the individuals who do not want to make a will rather set up guardianship instructions for children under 18. This letter provides a private declaration that serves as interim documents to safeguard the minor children. Temporary guardians are also specified in this letter whereas it is not valid to be the last will. Our associate will writing lawyers recommend people to complement the guardianship letter with the last will which specifies the will clause as per the law of your home country and UAE.