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Understanding the Process of Divorce in Dubai

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What is Divorce Law in Dubai?

Islamic law governs divorce in Dubai and applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims unless the non-Muslims opt to adhere to the laws of their home countries. Step one of the multi-stage process is the spouse announcing the divorce by uttering “Talaq.” After that, there is a waiting time known as “Iddah” during which the wife is not permitted to get married again. Unsuccessful reconciliation attempts may lead to a family court case. The legal system in Dubai places a strong emphasis on mediation, and attempts at reconciliation are frequently made before official legal processes in divorce cases. During divorce processes, custody agreements and asset division are crucial factors that are taken into account. To ensure compliance with applicable legislation and manage the complexities of divorce law in Dubai, it is imperative to get legal guidance.

Steps for Divorce in Dubai through Divorce Lawyers in Dubai

The process of obtaining a divorce in Dubai with the assistance of divorce lawyers involves the following steps:

Step 1: Filing for Divorce

Initiate the divorce process by filing for divorce in the emirate where you reside.

Step 2: Conciliation Stage

Engage in the conciliation stage, where the couple attempts to resolve differences and reach a settlement.

Provide marriage certificates, contracts, and passports for both spouses and any children, and ensure translation of documents into Arabic.

By law, the conciliation stage is limited to three months.

Step 3: Mutual Consent Divorce

If a quick settlement is reached, proceed with a mutual consent divorce.

No legal grounds need to be provided as both parties have agreed.

This streamlined process can be completed in about a month.

Step 4: First Instance Court (In case of Disagreement)

If no settlement is reached, the case goes to the First Instance Court.

Both parties can choose legal representation, although not strictly necessary.

Proceedings are conducted in Arabic, with translation services provided.

After filing, the defense replies, and the initiating party counters until a judge makes a decision.

Either party has 28 days to appeal the judgment.

Step 5: Appeals Court

In case of an appeal, the process is similar to the First Instance Court.

Three judges preside over the case.

Step 6: Court of Cessation

The Court of Cessation reviews all case documents to ensure due process.

No new evidence can be presented at this stage.

Step 7: Enforcement Court

Once the final judgment is made, the case moves to the Enforcement Court.

This court ensures the enforcement of the verdict and compliance with judgment and settlements.

Step 8: Skip to Enforcement Court (If Settlement Agreed)

If a settlement is agreed upon during the conciliation stage, the case bypasses the court process and goes directly to the Enforcement Court.

What can be the Cost of Divorce in Dubai?

Obtaining a divorce in the UAE, while relatively straightforward, comes with a considerable price tag. For an amicable divorce, the average cost ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 25,000. However, if the divorce entails an extended litigation process, the expenses can escalate to AED 50,000. Additionally, there is an extra cost for translating essential documents into Arabic, typically amounting to AED 80 per document.

FAQs for Divorce in Dubai

What role do lawyers in Dubai play in the divorce process?

Lawyers in Dubai play a crucial role in guiding individuals through the complexities of the divorce process. They provide legal advice, assist in filing necessary documents, represent clients in court if needed, and ensure compliance with the applicable laws governing divorce in Dubai.

How much does it cost to hire Dubai lawyers for a divorce case?

The cost of hiring Dubai lawyers for a divorce case can vary. On average, legal fees for divorce range from AED 8,000 to AED 25,000 for an amicable divorce. If the case involves prolonged litigation, the expenses may escalate to AED 50,000. It’s essential to discuss fees and services with the chosen legal representation.

Can non-Muslims seek the assistance of divorce lawyers in Dubai?

Yes, non-Muslims can seek the assistance of divorce lawyers in Dubai. While the divorce process is primarily governed by Islamic law, non-Muslims have the option to follow the laws of their home countries. Experienced lawyers can guide non-Muslim clients through the legal procedures that apply to their specific circumstances.

What documents are required for filing a divorce with Dubai lawyers?

When filing for divorce with Dubai lawyers, essential documents include marriage certificates, contracts, passports for both spouses and any children, and translations of these documents into Arabic. Providing accurate and complete documentation is crucial for a smooth divorce process.

Is mediation a common practice in divorce cases handled by lawyers in Dubai?

Yes, mediation is a common practice in divorce cases handled by lawyers in Dubai. The legal system in Dubai places a strong emphasis on mediation, and attempts at reconciliation are frequently made before resorting to formal legal proceedings. Mediation aims to resolve disputes amicably, potentially avoiding the need for extended court battles.


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