Criminal lawyers in Dubai are one of a kind. They focus on providing the best services to citizens of the U.A.E. Their expertise and experience have made them the best criminal lawyers all over the seven states of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ra’s al-Khaimah. We have the best criminal defense attorney, defense lawyer, criminal defense lawyers and criminal justice lawyer in UAE.

Dubai Criminal Law

The criminal attorneys deal with violent crimes, cases of substance abuse that involve alcohol, nicotine, heroin, etc., financial thefts, robberies, frauds, and offenses related to sexual abuse or verbal abuse. The top criminal lawyers in Dubai realize the importance of rights and their violations.

In U.A.E, the penal code is not entirely based on Islamic rules and regulations. However, the majority of elements are derived from it. The criminal lawyers in Dubai use sharia law in a lot of their cases and legal representations. They are also explicitly applied by the criminal justice lawyers in the payment of blood money.

U.A.E has made some advancements in the punishment section where the Dubai criminal law has been shifted towards adopting jail time instead of flogging the criminals. The criminal attorneys in Dubai have suspended some Sharia punishments as per the amendments of the legislature.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Playing Their Part     

People under the age of 18 are termed juveniles. Their criminal offenses are looked upon by criminal attorneys. Criminal attorneys pursue a restorative justice model in the case of juveniles. This falls under the category of criminal defense lawyers as they focus on the young offender’s needs and grooming rather than punishments.

The criminal defense attorney makes sure that the juvenile is placed under the supervision of a guardian or a caretaker. In most cases, such youngsters are placed in the central care of rehabilitation centers by criminal solicitors in Dubai. About 40% of the cases in the U.A.E are related to juvenile offenses.

 Criminal Defence Attorney 

After a crime has been committed, a criminal defense attorney ensures a complaint is filed against the offender to the police. The complaint comprises the details and sequence of the incident that occurred. The complaint can be in written form or an oral statement by the victim. The defense lawyer in Arabic records the oral information, and then the victim signs the complaint.

The criminal justice lawyers demand the presence of witnesses as proof of an incident’s occurrence. The complainant has to testify in the presence of a criminal defense lawyer or police. The criminal lawyer in Dubai makes sure that the accused person is also contacted.

The witnessed of the accused person are also called upon by the criminal attorney. The statements of the accused person and his/her witnesses are recorded or penned down by the criminal lawyers in Dubai.

Criminal Attorneys And Courtrooms

Once the criminal lawyers in Dubai have formulated a good cause, the relevant departments are approached, for instance, the cybercrime department or the forensic medicine department. Some criminal offenses are taken up to the court, and a prosecutor reviews the case under Dubai criminal law.

To make justice readily available to the people, the filing complaint procedure is free. But if the case is referred to a criminal attorney or defense lawyer, then a professional legal fee is charged for legal services.

Criminal Defense Attorneys And Legislature

The accused person may hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect the wrong blame. At the same time, the criminal justice lawyer hired by the victim will try its best to make sure that the guilty person is caught and punished as per the book of the law.

The criminal defense lawyers arrange a meeting involving both parties, and witnesses are brought in front of a prosecutor. A clerk is there to record everything that is said and done in Arabic, and then both parties sign it at the end. The criminal lawyers in Dubai encourage complete transparency among parties.

If the criminal justice lawyer deems it suitable, he will summon the accused person to a criminal court and ask the accused person to provide details of the person’s crime. However, if that is not the case, the criminal solicitors in Dubai discourage pursuing this course of action.

Best Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

The crimes are categorized in Dubai and for each one there is a suitable lawyer to deal with the situation and offer all kinds of services to the people. Criminal defense lawyers are there to take matters into their own hands and find suitable solutions to the problems of the people.

A lawyer with significant experience in several different types of cases can have detailed knowledge of criminal law, which will ultimately help the client to gain justice in less time. So, the experience of the best criminal lawyers in Dubai matters the most regarding any case.

Criminal Justice Lawyers Giving Punishments

The Penal Code of U.A.E is divided into three categories. The seriousness of the punishment depends on the crime that has been committed. The first category is infringements or violations. The second category is of misdemeanors, while the third category is of conducting felonies.

The first category offense can be punished under the already stated laws and regulations. It is punished by custody for not more than twenty-four hours or ten days. Other times a fine is imposed of a thousand dirhams as punishment.

A misdemeanor is punished by a fine of thousand dirhams, payment of blood money, or confinement. The third type of category is a felony punished heavily in temporary jail, imprisonment for a lifetime, payment as blood money, or hanging of the criminal. All the fines that are imposed by the criminal court are to be directly paid to the government. This is not regarded as compensation to the victim except for blood money.

Summing Things Up

Criminal lawyers in Dubai try their best to provide justice to the needy and the suppressed people. That is why the criminal attorneys of the U.A.E are considered the best at doing their job. Our associate attorneys provide all the available services related to criminal law and its sub-sectors.

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