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Proving Your Innocence when wrongly Accused?

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In this era of technology and information, it is a common occurrence where someone is wrongly accused or framed for a crime they did not commit. For instance, several scamming companies have a backup plan for when they are suspected or when they are targeted by law enforcement, this plan almost always consists of a “fall guy”. This person is set up to take the blame so that the company avoids a lawsuit.

Below is a list of suggested actions in case you are ever wrongly accused of a crime.

Stay Silent

If authorities are questioning you, it’s best to not say anything unless you have hired a lawyer. As a law enforcer, there will be many people who will be working under the assumption that you are guilty, and hence they will want that by questioning you, you will admit to the crime you are accused of. Anything you admit to, may be used against you in a court of law. If you are being questioned, always ask for your lawyer this is your basic right and it cannot be denied. A lawyer will help you make your case stronger if you have previously remained calm and silent.

Hiring Lawyers in Dubai

Hiring a lawyer should be the first step if you are suspicious of your surroundings or even if you get arrested out of the blue, your first and only action should be to demand a lawyer.

If a lawyer is present with you, he/she can refine what you say to authorities. Your lawyer will hear your side of the story and then give you advice on how to present the information. Your lawyer and you have an agreement called “Attorney-Client Privilege”, which means anything you say to your lawyer is protected and confidential, except if any illegal activity is in play.  


Alibis is a very strong aspect of your case. It is proof that you were not in the vicinity of the crime area. A lawyer will help you with collecting alibis, gathering evidence, and talking to witnesses.

If a witness comes forward and states that you were with them it is an alibi. Another alibi can be if you are seen on a CCTV video camera or if you have a receipt of any kind which identifies you and puts you in an area far from where the crime occurred. If you find anything that goes against you, never hold on to that in the hope that no one will find it. You must always be truthful to your lawyer, otherwise, your lawyer may be strong-armed in court and you may end up losing the case.

Prepare for Court

If it comes to a trial, you must be ready physically and mentally. Whatever strategy your lawyer has previously discussed with you, you must always follow it. This means that you must not lose your temper or get emotional while the trial proceeds. 

While inside the court you must be aware of the court proceedings, study the witnesses against you, and help your criminal Lawyers in Dubai prove that you were wrongly accused. This means that you must have theories for those who are testifying against you albeit because of a grudge, or money, or they might be threatened or blackmailed. 


This piece of writing is purely for educational purposes. The blog is updated regularly.

Lawyers in Dubai have no Legal Obligation to anyone reading this article, Legal help will be provided through an associate assigned to you through the proper channel. Only the debt collection service is based on a “No Win No Fee” basis. All other legal guidance is offered against their respective charges.

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