The Labour Law of UAE governs the relationship between employees and employers for smooth business operations. Our labor lawyers are available to help you in any legal situation. Employment and Labour laws of UAE both administer the workplace environment from small firms to corporate organizations owned by UAE nationals and expatriates. Labour laws ensure that employees are fulfilling their duties and getting their rights without discrimination. It also specifies the responsibilities of business owners towards their employees.

Every business should abide by the rules and regulations of the state while employing a new workforce. The judicial authorities of every country devise standards and policies to regulate this area. In the UAE, the Ministry of Labour is the authority in power to implement labor laws in all emirates. Labour law is based on the federal and civil constitution, administrative policies, state legislation, and court opinions.

 Employment law or labour law of UAE manages the relationship of an employer towards its workers. Employment contract enlists the rights and duties of both parties under the legal umbrella. The primary factor for the development of employment rules is to ensure that employees are safe at their workplace. These labour laws command employers to treat the workers fairly and employees are also directed to work in the good interest of the organization.

When an employer hires a worker, a contract is signed between both parties which are written according to the contractual policies of UAE. The written contract clarifies the terms and conditions of employment for both parties beforehand. In case of any issues, both parties can refer to the agreement to justify their claim with certainty. It avoids confusion between employees and employers in case of any disagreement. It prevents the employees from making unlawful or inappropriate claims as they have an employment contract in hand listing the signed terms by both parties.

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Types of Labour Contracts in UAE

The employee-employer relationship is governed by an employment contract. It is a legal document which states what are the duties of an employee? What benefits he is entitled to during and after the end of his service? What responsibilities does an employer have? What is the length of the employment period? Disciplinary procedures and compensations for employers. All contractual terms must comply with the labour laws of the state.   

 There are two types of employment contracts followed in the UAE. The type of contract specifies how legal attorneys would assist employees and employers in different situations. The decision of the court is solely dependent on policies stipulated in the contract and the relevant articles of labour and employment law of UAE.

Unlimited Contract

 As the name suggests, this kind of employment contract states the commencement date but the completion date is not written. Employees can work until they want too and the same is the case with employers as they can get employee’s services as long as they want unless they are in good physical condition. Open contracts can be terminated with mutual agreements between both parties. There can be different ground for termination of an unlimited contract but a 30-day notice period is a must prior to termination. As per the conditions, the notice of termination can be extended with mutual consent.

Limited Contract

Limited or fixed-term contracts in UAE last upon two or three years as per the requirements. The starting and completing date of the contract is stated as it is connected to employers’ residency visa. The duration of the UAE employment visa for a limited contract is according to the period mentioned in the contract. According to the legislation of the UAE, limited contracts are automatically terminated when the completion date is reached. To avoid termination, both parties should renew them before the expiry date.

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