With dynamic success stories and decades of providing legal services in UAE, our associate lawyers mark the highest success rate in Dubai debt recovery cases by resolving 50,000 cases to date. Debt collection in UAE has become the need of the hour to retain the company’s repute. Businesses provide debts to the new ones in the line on the terms of getting the payments back. The debt which remains unpaid, even after the specified period becomes a bad debt that must be collected through legal procedures. Debt collection Dubai requirements are increasing with every passing day due to more companies registering on the premises of the UAE.

 Lawyers in Dubai, in association with best advocates and law firms, can expediently handle your issues not only in Dubai but all emirates of UAE. We promise a No Win No Fee plan to UAE clients. Our associate professionals are licensed and provide result-oriented services for dubai debt recovery and other legal issues. UAE has strict policies to punish the debtors for unpaid debts as it harms the business. To deal with the lengthy and costly process of debt recovery, our associate debt collection agency is leading a team of experts to guide people about debt procedures.

Get the services of our associate debt collection lawyers and law firm to efficiently collect the debt. They make debtors pay on time through legal procedures. Businesses in Dubai have transitioned from self-made teams for debt recovery to outsourcing experts for this purpose. In case of delayed debts, companies should take strict action under a legal umbrella keeping into account that they have a specific amount of time to claim their debts. Our extensive success stories are a result of our dedication and dynamic case resolution strategies.

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Debt Collection UAE

From 20 years and counting, LawyersinDubai.com has been adding more count to the achievements regarding law issues. Our accredited team of associate law firms, lawyers, and legal consultants has marked a half-century in making victories and they are confident in adding more to the list.

 We, as an associate debt collection firm work round the clock to provide quality services to our clients and get their unpaid payments back through our associates. The continuous training of our associate advocates and their extensive experiences assist them in dealing with the debtors as per the local trade culture and business norms. You can get the assistance of our associate in dealing with a local or international client for recovering outstanding debts. Your associate will help you in taking legal action against the debtors in case they are delaying or refusing to pay back the debts. You can get detailed information about debt collection Dubai practices, bounces Cheques, unpaid invoices, overdue debts, and how to send demand notices as per the law.

Our international debt collection and dubai debt recovery procedures are available in more than 200 countries around the globe. We have a highly experienced team of associates lawyers and law firms who are earning names in the field of law with their achievements. We are proud to announce that we have been providing the clients with the best legal service while keeping their concerns as a top priority. Our associates are working individually and connected to law firms to ensure that debt collection processes are legitimately tailored to meet your requirements.

Overdue Loans

If a debtor keeps delaying the reimbursement of debt for a longer time, then the law of UAE charges him with criminal law as it is an act of crime without the debt amount without any genuine reason. Delay in paying loans can also take the debtor behind the bars for 3 years. Lawyers from our associate law firm promise a no win no fee policy to clients and ensure that they will recover the unpaid loans through legal procedures.

Unpaid services

Services offered by any professional tend to be paid as per the date mentioned on the contract. If someone delays the payment or tries to escape after refusing to pay, our associate law firms and advocates ensure that the services are legally redeemed to the service provider.

Bounced Cheque


For compensating bounce or dishonored Cheques, associates from LawyersinDubai provide legal assistance through associates to recover the money and make unpaid cheque work by following the legal process. We ensure to mark a success in recovering unpaid cheques so that the clients get their right through lawful terms.

Delayed or Unpaid Salary

Salaries should be paid to the employees before the due date strikes. If an employee does not get paid for a long time, the law of UAE provides him the right to use legal ways for getting his right. We have a team of highly trained legal consultants and advocates to guide and support employees for collective bargain and negotiation with the employer for getting their unpaid salaries. We take the pain to make a win-win policy so that our clients do not suffer the damages.

Outstanding Invoices

 In case someone owes money for the goods bought on credit whereas the seller has to wait longer than expected for getting the payment of his goods, then our associate lawyers assist them for assured recovery of unpaid invoices. We guarantee no win no fee for the valued clients in recovering their outstanding invoices from local or international debtors.  

 We take care of confidentiality and privacy of business and legal matters to keep the repute of the client secured. We serve our clients with diligence and professionalism to recover their money legitimately. Our associates are dedicated to preserving the personal and professional concerns of the clients by complying with the rules and regulations associated with their matter.

No Win No Fee

Based on our expertise and group of proficient legal attorneys, we claim with pride the No Win No Fee policy in all emirates of UAE. LawyersinDubai is providing legal services in Abu Dhabi (the capital of UAE), Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Our associates have been serving in the UAE for two decades which made them learn the social and legal practices followed in different areas of UAE. Thus they can conveniently investigate the cases in different emirates of UAE under the legal umbrella. Our associate law firms and lawyers keep themselves updated with the changing legal procedures and market practices and use their knowledge efficiently for collecting the debt. 

 The registered issues related to Dubai debt recovery are increasing exponentially which calls for legal assistance to settle the dispute. Our associates resolve the issues with their legal knowledge and ensure that your requirements are met. We keep our clients safe from any future losses with our economical and useful debt collection policies. If our associates could not recover outstanding payment, then the clients are exempted from paying their service charges. This policy is devised to ease the clients financially who could not get their money back so that they do not have to pay the fee as well.

Dedication with Excellence

The essence of our never-ending training for our associates to equip them with the latest lawful practices results in our ever-increasing success rate. With our dedication, professionalism, and experiences, we have made LawyersinDubai.com a leading lead generating website providing clients the best possible solution to their legal issues with our their selected law firms and lawyers. We strive hard to mark success in every case for assisting clients with the competent law services in all emirates and cities of UAE.

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