Searching for lawyers in UAE? The UAE is home to many regional and international law firms, offering a variety of legal services. These UAE lawyers take care of business, property, companies, trademark or copyright, immigration, criminal, and family matters. Without a comprehensive legal system, all UAE court interactions are in Arabic, meaning legal representation requires trained Arab speakers. Like any other country, lawyers in Dubai have their own specialties, so finding a lawyer with the skills and experience to match your case is important.

Lawyers in UAE

Dubai has well-functioning and efficient courts, but navigating the system is complicated if you can’t speak Arabic and have little or no understanding of local law. Dubai has three levels of legislation – corporate laws that apply to the United Arab Emirates, local laws applicable to Dubai, and Islamic or Sharia’h Law only. Non-Muslims are expected to obey Sharia’h law.
The UAE legal system, at the national level, is a well-known civil law in many Arab countries with a public code based on Egypt (and the strongest influence is the French code). However, many economic activities in the UAE are carried out in various economic sectors, two of which – DIFC and ADGM – have adopted a common English-based legal system for many non-criminal legal problems, and have foreign, experienced, and judicial officers.
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