Before one goes working for an employer, labour law applies to the citizens of the U.A.E. It relates to all the employees and the staff except those who work for the Federal Government, army, police, domestic servants, or municipal departments. We have the best labour law experts, german labor and employment law and labour lawyers in uae.

Labour Law Experts And Their Expertise

Labour Lawyers in U.A.E regulate the labour law regulation act in which business partners are not considered an employee and do not fall under the category of this law. However, there are many aspects of an employee-employer relationship that are covered by labour law.

Labour lawyers in the U.A.E cover the following aspects: working hours, contract period, restrictions, leaves, records, wages, increment laws, etc. In addition, to maintain all the law clauses, labour lawyers in U.A.E offer their expertise. Hire the best labour relations lawyer in UAE today.

In cases where there is ambiguity, labour lawyers in U.A.E can offer their clients representation in all seven states Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ra’s al-Khaimah. Below are a few common disputes that emerge from time to time between employers and their employees:

  • Labour Law Experts And Employment Law

The labour lawyers in U.A.E always guide their clients to thoroughly read and understand the contract of employment, its time duration, termination date, and renewal policy. Otherwise, any misunderstanding would jeopardize the employer-employee relation.

  • Probation Period

A probation period lasts for about six months in U.A.E, after which the official hiring is done. There cannot be more than one probation period for the same employer as stated in the regulations set by labour lawyers in U.A.E.It must be kept in mind that an employer can dismiss the employee during this period.

  • Wages

The wages are paid in national currency. Usually, the wages are paid monthly. However, for a labourer and business workers, no laws are specifying the amount. Labour lawyers in the U.A.E ensure that basic wages are paid to employees as stated in their limited or unlimited contract. Hire the best labour court lawyer. We work on the policy of no win no fee.

  • Juveniles’ Employment | Labour law experts

Both the male and female should be at least 15 years of age when hired. Labour lawyers in U.A.E verify the age of the youth labour and obtain written consent from the guardian or custodian before the youth is employed.

  • Working hours per day and Overtime

For those employed at offices, the timings are 8 hours per day and forty-eight hours per week. As per the regulations set by labour lawyers in U.A.E, employees cannot work more than 5 hours consecutively without any form of rest, meal, or prayer break. However, people working in restaurants, cafes, and hotels may have increased working time durations per day. Hire the best labour relations lawyer today.

German Labor and Employment Law

Outside of U.A.E, there is various other employment law. For instance, German employment law.

In the past, to protect their employees from unfair practices, German employment law embodied a few strict provisions. However, due to the ever-increasing competition and globalization within the European Union, the German government liberalized the employment protection legislation. Hire the best labour court lawyer today. Contact us.

German Labor And Employment Law- Strict Regulations

Nevertheless, German law Is strict in contrast to the other European Nations. In Germany, the employment contract is the most legal source between the employer and the employee. Furthermore, under the documentation act “Nachweisgesetz”, the employee is given a summary of key aspects of their job before the commencement of their employment.

However, for the contract to be valid, it must be present in written form. If the term is justified on objective grounds, the arrangements are regarded as legal.

Summing Things Up | Labour law experts

Labour lawyers in U.A.E play a significant part in the upregulation of employment-employee relations. However, specific terms and conditions are necessary for this relationship to flourish. The labour lawyers have established the laws in U.A.E to avoid disputes and maintain a smooth working environment for both parties. Each one’s rights are guarded under the law.

On the other hand, German laws compared to U.A.E are stringent, and things are run differently than in the U.A.E.

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