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FAQs regarding Labour Department Processes in Dubai

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It might be difficult to navigate Dubai’s labor market because there are so many rules and processes to take into account. We’ll explore the most common inquiries regarding the Dubai Labour Department in this blog post, answering key questions that people, companies, and foreigners have. We can help you with everything from comprehending the role of lawyers in Dubai regarding labor-related issues to delving into the nuances of debt collection in the area. This post is your go-to source for succinct and useful answers, whether you’re looking for information regarding law firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or the wider legal system in the United Arab Emirates.

To have a better knowledge of labor-related operations in this dynamic city, let’s dissect the main questions surrounding Dubai’s Labour Department.

FAQs – Labour Department in Dubai

What is the Ministry of Labour (MOL) in Dubai responsible for?

The Ministry of Labour, now known as the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), oversees the workforce and regulates employment processes in the public and private sectors in Dubai.

Why did the Ministry of Labour change its name to MOHRE?

The renaming on February 9, 2016, reflects a broader focus on human resources and Emiratisation, emphasizing the comprehensive role it plays in employment matters.

What initiatives has MOHRE taken to strengthen the job market?

MOHRE has introduced initiatives like the Tawteen Program (Emiratisation) to support local talent and boost the job market, addressing employment challenges and promoting economic growth.

What are the key trademarks developed by the Ministry of Labour?

The MOHRE has developed trademarks like TWAFOUQ, TASHEEL, TAQYEEM, TAWSEEL, TAWJEEH, and TADBEER to provide dispute resolution, online payment systems, worker facilitation, and support for employing domestic workers.

What are the responsibilities of the MOHRE’s divisions?

The Human Resources division supervises federal labor law, enforces regulations, manages the job market, and develops labor policies. The Emiratisation division oversees Emiratisation policy, provides advice to Emiratis, and conducts studies about the job market.

What online services can employers access from the Ministry of Labour?

Employers can avail services like checking labor card status, issuing salary certificates, E-Quota status, Wage Protection System, payment of fines, labor contracts, and more through the MOHRE portal.

What services does MOHRE provide to employees?

Employees can request services such as Absher Card issuance, settlement of salary issues, bank guarantee liquidation, coverage for occupational hazards, salary complaint submission, employment contract information, and more.

Why is the Ministry of Labour UAE crucial for employees and employers?

The Ministry of Labour plays a vital role in resolving employment issues, ensuring regulations are followed, and serving as a resource for both expatriate workers and employers in matters related to employment.

How can individuals file a complaint with the MOHRE?

Individuals facing issues can contact the MOHRE, and in case of escalation, follow steps like avoiding drastic decisions, contacting the labor court, seeking legal advice, and filing a complaint at a Tasheel office.

How can individuals easily contact the MOHRE in Dubai?

Individuals can contact the MOHRE through various channels, including email (ask@mohre.gov.ae), phone (+970-680-27666), helpline (80060), social media (@MOHREUAE), and visit their offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or other locations across the UAE.

How can MOHRE assist in resolving disputes between employers and employees?

MOHRE has established TWAFOUQ dispute centers across the UAE to help mediate and resolve labor issues, providing a platform for dialogue between employers and employees.

What is the significance of MOHRE’s Tawteen Program for job seekers in Dubai?

The Tawteen Program, also known as Emiratisation, supports local talent by offering opportunities for Emiratis aged 18-60 to secure jobs in the private sector, contributing to a stronger job market.

How does MOHRE address disputes related to occupational hazards in the UAE?

MOHRE’s TAQYEEM system facilitates workers in the UAE, including the coverage and resolution of issues related to occupational hazards, ensuring comprehensive support for employees.

What services does MOHRE provide through its TASHEEL online system?

TASHEEL is a government-backed online system designed to simplify payments and transactions for employers and employees, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency in labor-related matters.

How does MOHRE assist employers and employees who cannot visit government centers in person?

MOHRE’s TAWSEEL service provides well-equipped cars driven by customer representatives to assist employers and employees who cannot visit government centers, offering convenient on-the-go support.

What is the role of MOHRE’s TAWJEEH service centers in the UAE?

TAWJEEH service centers are dedicated to providing information about Labour Law, granting permits, and handling employee contracts in the UAE, serving as valuable resources for employers and employees.

How does MOHRE contribute to the employment market’s growth and productivity in the UAE?

MOHRE, through its responsibilities like managing the job market and developing labor policies, actively works towards creating jobs in the UAE, contributing to increased productivity and a thriving employment sector.


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