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Dubai is a metropolitan city, it houses many employment opportunities. These employment opportunities coupled with an attractive salary package attract the attention of many foreigners. However, any foreign citizen who wishes employment in Dubai must be aware of labor laws here in Dubai. The labor laws in Dubai are very different from the labor laws of western countries. Hence, any foreigner that wishes to come to Dubai for relocation and work must be aware of the local labor laws. Lawyers in Dubaihttps://www.lawyersindubai.com/https://www.lawyersindubai.com/ can provide you the services you need to comfortably work within Dubai and earn a decent wage.

Services provided by our employment Lawyers in Dubai

Adjusting to a new work and living environment is challenging. However, Dubai is the best option for work and living for a foreigner.

Services provided by Lawyers in Dubai in regards to Labor are:

  • Revision of job offers
  • Company verification
  • Foreigner employee verification
  • Guidance on the latest labor laws
  • Assistance for foreigners in applying for a work 

Employment contracts explained by our labor lawyer in Dubai

Similar to the law of every state Dubai has labor law.

which exists to regulate and provide a just contract and agreement between the employer and the employee. This contract is to be strictly followed by both parties. 

There are a few types of contracts that fall under the labor law, these are stated below:

  • Fixed-term contracts,
  • Unlimited employment contract
  • Part-time labor 

For further information contact us, and we will provide you with our services to help you find authentic and safe employment in Dubai. We can also help you in your immigration proceedings, such lawyers who assist and guide in these matters are called immigration lawyers. Such services are also available at Lawyers in Dubai. It is a requirement that the foreigners who wish to work in Dubai must have already been sent an offer letter, assistance in such a manner is also provided by our associates.

Assistance in hiring foreign employees in Dubai

Several companies in Dubai that hire foreign employees can also avail of the services of our associates. In recent years the labor laws have been modified to facilitate foreigners to join and work in Dubai, this change was intended to bring the workforce from foreign states to UAE. 

Foreign employees, who want to immigrate to Dubai for work purposes, can avail of our services of immigration lawyers who are specialists in their respective fields. 

A point worth mentioning is that it is mandatory for both parties to ensure completion of some specific steps before a foreigner can be hired. These steps include but are not limited to making a clear job offer through an email or an offer letter, starting with immigration formalities, this can be done by applying for a work and stay permit which is dealt with by the Ministry of Labor.

In addition to these services, Lawyers in Dubai also specialize in dispute solving services. Hence if a company and its employees are having a disagreement or a dispute, our services can be availed to settle disputes and arguments through legal and just means. As per the contract of the employer and the employee, it should be noted that both of these entities have some rights and responsibilities. A breach of contract can result in termination of employment along with deportation. Vice Versa the company will face a penalty and a lawsuit will be filed against them.

Beforehand, both the employee and employer must come to terms with the contract and understand the terms before signing the contract. 

Employment statistics in Dubai

In the year of 2018 survey, UAE has one of the largest employment rates. The total workforce in UAE was estimated at an astonishing 7.384 million employees. The unemployment rate is as low as 2.2%. Out of 7.384 million, 31% of the workforce was concentrated in the extractive industries, 13% of the total workforce public administration and defense sector, 8% of the entire workforce is in private industries, wholesale, retail trade and repair hired industry.

If you require any kind of assistance in immigration, employment, dispute solving, or any labor-related legal matter, Lawyers in Dubai is at your service.


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