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Overview about Grounds for Annulment of Marriage in Dubai UAE

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What is meant by Grounds for Annulment of Marriage in Dubai?

The factors that establish the legitimacy of marriage in Dubai are crucial in determining the grounds for annulment. It is essential for couples wishing to end their marriage by annulment to comprehend these grounds. In contrast to divorce, annulment deems a marriage to be void, as if it never happened. In this blog article, we will examine the idea of grounds for divorce in Dubai and examine the requirements and situations that allow for the legal dissolution of a marriage. This book seeks to shed light on the particular circumstances that make a marriage in Dubai void, whether you’re a resident navigating the judicial system or looking for information on legal issues in the area.

Is Annulment of Marriage in Dubai Allowed in Dubai?

In Dubai, couples can use the legal procedure known as annulment to formally declare their marriage void in certain situations. Understanding whether an annulment is permissible in Dubai includes evaluating the legal structure and grounds established by the local laws.

Important Points:

Sharia Law Influence: Sharia law is practiced in Dubai, where Islamic values have an impact on the judicial system. Sharia law stipulates that certain reasons can lead to an annulment, such as fraud, duress, or a serious defect in the marital contract.

Legal Grounds: The UAE Personal Status Law (Federal Law No. 28 of 2005) describes the grounds that can lead to an annulment, including mental incapacity of one spouse, nonconsent, or the identification of a pre-existing marital obstacle.

Consent and Fraud: Although consent is a necessary component of marriage, it may be voidable if it was acquired by fraud or compulsion. The law places a strong emphasis on the necessity of sincere and free consent for a marriage to be recognized.

Citations from Law: The UAE Personal Status Law’s Article 55 addresses annulment in detail and outlines the circumstances in which a marriage may be dissolved. When thinking about annulment, it is important to consult these provisions and obtain legal counsel.

Main Reasons Providing Grounds for Annulment of Marriage in Dubai

The reasons for nullifying a marriage in Dubai include a range of circumstances that make a relationship unconstitutional. People negotiating the legal nuances of annulment must comprehend these primary causes. To help clarify the primary causes of marriage annulment in Dubai, consider the following important points:

Non-Consummation: Impotence or other physical incapabilities that prevent the marriage from being consummated may be a legitimate reason for annulment.

Fraud or Misrepresentation: Instances where one party entered the marriage based on false information or deceit can be grounds for annulment. This could include concealing important facts or misrepresenting one’s identity.

Lack of Legal Capacity: If one or both parties were not legally capable of entering into a marriage contract at the time of the ceremony, the marriage may be considered void.

Duress or Coercion: Marriages entered into under duress or coercion may be annulled. This involves situations where one party was forced into the marriage against their will.

Fraud or Misrepresentation: Marriages entered into through deception or false information may be dissolved in certain situations. This can entail lying about oneself or withholding crucial information.

Absence of Legal Capacity: The marriage may be deemed null and void if one or both parties were not at the time of the ceremony legally able to enter into a marriage contract.

Marriages consummated under pressure or compulsion are liable to be dissolved. This relates to circumstances in which one partner was coerced into marriage against their choice.

Difference between Annulment and Divorce


  • An annulment says that the marriage never happened legally and proclaims it to be void.
  • For a marriage to be deemed lawful, some conditions must be satisfied, such as consent and age.
  • It pertains to circumstances in which the essential requirements for a lawful marriage are not met.


  • Divorce is the legal process used to end a legally recognized marriage.
  • Divorce differs from annulment in that it acknowledges the existence of a marriage that must end.
  • It can be agreed upon by both parties or by going before the court on the grounds that harm is being caused or under other predetermined guidelines.

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