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Understanding Gift Transfer Law in Dubai

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What Property Can Be Considered as a Gift in Dubai?

In Dubai, comprehending the subtleties of gift transfers necessitates exploring the kinds of possessions that are legally recognized. The legislation in Dubai is broad and takes into account a variety of assets when establishing what qualifies as a gift. To assist you in smoothly navigating the world of gift transfers, let’s break down the essential elements:

Real estate

In Dubai, gifts in the form of real estate are widely accepted. The legal structure covers a wide range of real estate assets that can be given as gifts, including homes, businesses, and undeveloped land.

Financial Assets

Transfers of financial assets are recognized as gifts under Dubai’s legal system. This covers money instruments such as stocks, bonds, bank deposits, and others. To ensure compliance with legal obligations when gifting financial assets, it is imperative to provide clarity in documentation.

Personal Belongings

By Dubai law, presents may be given in the form of jewels, artwork, cars, and other priceless items. This gives the idea of gift transfers a more personal touch and makes it possible for people to exchange a wide variety of assets.

Business Ownership

In Dubai, gift transfers cover business interests. The legal system allows for the transfer of ownership stakes, whether they are firm shares or the full corporation, which promotes flexibility in wealth distribution.

Understanding the Cost of Property Gift Transfers in Dubai

When contemplating a gift transfer of property in the Emirate of Dubai, it is essential to grasp the associated costs. The process involves several fees and considerations that contribute to the seamless execution of the transfer. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved in gifting a property in Dubai:

Transfer Fee to the Land Department

The initial cost is the transfer fee payable to the Land Department. For gifts with a property value below AED 500,000, a flat fee of AED 2,000 is applicable. However, if the property’s assessed value exceeds AED 500,000, the transfer fee is calculated at 0.125% of the overall property value, based on the evaluation certificate issued by the Land Department.

Name Title Deed Fee

In addition to the transfer fee, there is a specific fee of AED 580 associated with obtaining the name title deed. This document is crucial, as it officially reflects the change in ownership after the successful completion of the gift transfer process.

Trustee Office Fees

The trustee offices play a pivotal role in the property transfer process. Two fees are involved here. Firstly, there is a fee ranging from AED 2,000 to AED 4,000, depending on the evaluation of the property. This fee is payable to the trustee offices. It is essential to consult with the trustee’s office to determine the exact amount based on the property’s value.

Execution of Property Transfer

Once all necessary documents are in order and the associated costs have been paid at the trustee’s office, the actual transfer of the property takes place. This process results in the issuance of a new title deed in the name of the donee. With the new title deed, the donee officially becomes the recognized owner of the gifted property, solidifying the legal transfer.

Unlocking the Property Gifting Process in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Property gifting in Dubai serves as a strategic and cost-effective option for various purposes, including succession planning and inheritance. Navigating through the process involves several essential steps and considerations. Let’s dissect the intricacies of property gifting in Dubai, providing you with a clear roadmap:

  1. Title Deed Requirement:

Before embarking on the property gifting journey, the property must hold a valid Title Deed. Notably, off-plan apartments are ineligible for gifting at the Dubai Land Department.

  1. Essential Documentation:

To facilitate the seamless transfer of the gift, specific documentation is crucial. An Affection Plan, an official site plan, is required, along with a Valuation Certificate from the Dubai Land Department. This certificate plays a pivotal role in determining the property’s value, influencing the calculation of transfer fees.

  1. No Objection Certificate (NOC):

A critical component in property transfers, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) is mandatory. Issued by the developer, the NOC certifies their consent to the ownership transfer and confirms the absence of outstanding dues or obligations related to the property.

  1. Payment of Transfer Charges:

Property gifting involves lower transfer fees compared to traditional transactions. The donor assumes responsibility for these fees, inclusive of an administrative fee and a registration trustee fee.

  1. Title Transfer Process:

During the property gifting process, the involvement of all parties is essential. Employing a Power of Attorney is highly recommended, saving time, and money, and avoiding inconvenience. Upon submission of required documents and payment of fees, the trustee office executes the property transfer, culminating in the issuance of a new Title Deed in the name of the recipient (donee), solidifying the transfer of ownership.

FAQs regarding Gift Transfer Law in Dubai

  1. Can I get an off-plan apartment in Dubai?

No, the Dubai Land Department does not allow the gifting of off-plan apartments. To proceed with property gifting, the property must possess a valid Title Deed.

  1. What documents are essential for the property gifting process?

Key documents include an Affection Plan (official site plan), a Valuation Certificate from the Dubai Land Department, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer. These documents facilitate the smooth transfer of ownership.

  1. How does the No Objection Certificate (NOC) impact property transfers?

The NOC, issued by the developer, certifies their approval for the ownership transfer. It also confirms that there are no outstanding dues or obligations related to the property, ensuring a clear and hassle-free transfer process.

  1. What fees are involved in property gifting, and who is responsible for them?

Property gifting incurs transfer fees, administrative fees, and a registration trustee fee. The donor is responsible for covering these costs, making property gifting a more economically viable option compared to traditional transactions.

  1. Is a Power of Attorney necessary for the property transfer process?

While not mandatory, using a Power of Attorney is highly advisable. It streamlines the process, saves time and money, and ensures that all involved parties can efficiently participate in the property transfer. It adds an extra layer of convenience to the overall procedure.


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