Our financial crime lawyers in UAE assist participants in the entire financial environment with legal matters related to complex financial crimes. From assisting regulators and government agencies with structures, advising corporate clients on good legal practices, assisting international organizations in compliance.

Over the past several years, financial crime has plagued governments not only in the United Arab Emirates but also globally, especially with technological advances that make it easier and more convenient for criminals to access personal or private information and commit financial crimes online. That being said, people and organizations dealing with such cases seek legal help from lawyers for financial crimes.

Criminal lawyers in UAE

Our regional Financial crime lawyers in UAE is a leader in the provision of counseling and litigation services to a wide range of white criminal clients, including financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations, individuals and family businesses.

Our expertise includes advising on matters such as corporate fraud, fraud, data theft, breach of trust, paid checks, loan and loan fraud, breach of regulatory guidelines, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, information security, information security, information security, data security and cyber crime. We identify and protect debt and protect the interests of our clients prior to public prosecutions, police and UAE courts.
Financial crime is any criminal activity involving money or financial services. These include but are not limited to fraud, paid checks, debt default, money laundering, bribery and corruption, cybercrime, and more. In the UAE, those convicted of criminal offenses must face heavy fines, imprisonment, or sometimes deportation. Although authorities are considering bail for some of the offenders who have paid or paid fines/debts, they can remain in prison until a full sentence is handed down.
Mortgage Fraud
Securities Fraud
Identity Theft
Tax Evasion / Fraud
Money Laundering

Criminal cases, for example, burglary, domestic violence, theft, murder, assault, possession of drugs, drug trafficking, watching UAE bounces and various other offenses such as money laundering in the UAE require the assistance of a Dubai Finance Attorney. The criminal law of the UAE is different from other authorities in the world and most immigrants are unaware of activities that are considered illegal or banned in the country. Therefore, if you find yourself trapped in any financial crime case, you are strongly advised to appoint Financial crime lawyers in UAE The main function of a criminal lawyer is to present relevant evidence to the court to obtain a favorable decision or to request a reduction of the criminal sentence.

Money laundering or misappropriation of funds, property, and/or equipment. It is also known as white-collar crime and can include the following charges: fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering, money laundering, and bus testing. When it comes to financial crime we understand that there is a great deal of misunderstanding and ignorance about the ever-changing laws and regulations regarding financial crime.


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