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Best Employment Lawyer Dubai

The best employer lawyer in Dubai provides a lot of services related to his clients. He tries to understand the situation of his clients and then offers legal advice accordingly. The employment laws are issued under Federal Law No.8.

Ministerial Decree No. 766 of 2015 states rules and conditions on the employment relations termination. This decree was issued so that the employment lawyers can terminate both the limited and unlimited contracts as per the given situation.

Ministerial Decree No. 764 was issued a decree related to the issuing of a standard contract. This contract is to be given to the employees by the employment attorney at the time of hiring. If the employer or the employee wants to change specific terms and conditions of this contract, they have to do this by applying to the Ministry of Labour.

Employment Solicitors Amending Contracts

Employment solicitors are there to make amendments to the contract as per the demand of their clients. They have to report the changes and then submit them to the Ministry of Labour for approval.

Under Federal Law No.1, it is stated that any deception, fraud, or coercion in the contract will be considered a crime. It is regarded as exploitation or manipulation of labour conditions. Thus, employment law solicitors are there to get involved in such situations.

If the employment law attorney finds out that a particular contract has been forged in any way, the culprit has to pay the penalty for this crime. Sometimes, the matters are taken to court, and the person found guilty has to pay heavily for his actions. That is why employment solicitors encourage complete transparency between the two parties.

Employment lawyers in Dubai take it upon themselves to review the contract before either party has signed it. They also make sure to make the terms and conditions clear to each party to both be on the same page before sealing the deal.

Lawyers For Employee And Consumer Rights Protection

The ministerial decree no 788. is there to offer protection of wages to the employees. A Wage protection system has been established where issues like non-payment of wages are addressed. Lawyers for employee and consumer rights are there to file complaints lodged by the employee. The employment lawyers in Dubai make sure that these complaints are addressed timely. Employment lawyers must provide insightful experiences and strategic advocation to clients. Consumer rights are well protected in cases of litigation.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment can be done at workplaces too. It is a violation of federal and state anti-discrimination laws. Both men and women can be targets of sexual harassment. The perpetrator can be anyone can you work with, your boss, a janitor, or anyone in the facility.

A certain kind of behavior can be regarded as harassing. However, it must include some sexual advances or gestures, such as touching. It also includes demotion, non-promotion, or even firing if a person fails to agree to the demand. This leads to hostile working conditions and hence a working environment.

After such complaints, a civil claim can be filed for sexual harassment. A sexual harassment lawyer can carry out further investigations to prove that claim. The lawyers try their best to protect the victim’s rights and make sure that justice is served.

Dealing With Workplace Harassment

An employee who is being harassed should document the events of harassment. Someone who is being harassed should have text messages, emails, screenshots, call recordings, voice mails, a small video or audio to prove the conduct of harassment.

The second step should be handing over all the evidence to a sexual harassment attorney and seek legal advice related to this matter. If the person fears that reporting the event will lead to exposure, then confidentiality should be demanded. Sometimes, multiple complaints have been filed against a harasser, but no action is seen against that person. The sexual harassment lawyers make sure that such sort of favoritism is eliminated from the companies.

Measures Taken By An Attorney

Suppose harassment has been reported to HR by an employee, and still the company does not do anything to terminate that particular person. In that case, serious actions can be taken against the company as well by the sexual harassment lawyer.

Summarizing It Up 

The employment lawyers in Dubai are there to sort any issues related to hiring and firing. Our legal associates are adept at providing all the legal services related to the employment sector. Furthermore, the integrity of the workplace is emphasized a lot in Dubai. It is made sure that a safe and sound environment is provided to all the workers.

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