The divorce lawyers in Dubai do a lot more than deal with divorce. If the couple is facing problems while resolving their issues related to property, the divorce lawyer can help them reach out to a residential property solicitor.

Usually, after a divorce has taken place, the couple breaks up and has to move away. The residential property solicitor can help you find a new home and settle in quickly with all the alimony money that has been offered.

Similarly, the divorce lawyers in Dubai are well aware of the division of assets once a divorce has been finalized. Family law property settlement givers the distribution of the property or assets, whether they are in the form of land or money.

Family Law Property Settlement And Patent Law Attorneys | Divorce Lawyers In Dubai

An arrangement is made between the two parties as per the family law property settlement to divide the financial resources and the owned assets. Usually, a property settlement can be made with the assistance of the court.

If the husband or the wife owns a company or both are co-founders, then issues related to the patent can also spring up. In such cases, the divorce lawyers in Dubai involve patent law attorneys determining which the patient should belong. The patent law attorney reserves the patent rights.

Thus, the divorce lawyers in Dubai make sure that no legal issues remain while a divorce is taking place. They try their best to provide solutions to every problem that is brought under their notice.

Property Damage Lawyer And Lease Extension Lawyers

When it comes to property and its dealings, Dubai has many attorneys that look over the legal aspects related to property. A property damage lawyer is there to see if the owned or rented property has been damaged in any way. If that is the case, it is made sure that steps are taken towards its recovery.

However, suppose the property has been subject to some natural disaster or calamity. In that case, the property damage lawyers involve the insurance companies to pay for the damage or work towards finding a new property elsewhere.

Dubai offers a lot of solicitors that are experienced in matters related to property. Lease extension lawyers are there to guide with every step of the way. Sometimes, if the lease is extended, it can result in you owning the property. So, an extension is preferred by the lease extension lawyers for their clients.

An extension keeps the ownership under you instead of the freeholder. However, applying for a lease extension requires additional payment by the tenant to the freeholder so that the property is not taken away.

Lease Hold Solicitors 

While purchasing a property, a leasehold solicitor has to look into the terms and conditions of the lease and all the legal paperwork involved while buying a property. A leasehold solicitor has to deal with the landlord and the management company to formulate the contracts and help the client sign a fair deal.

It is always best to seek legal advice before entering any leasehold agreements. Once the deal has been signed, no changes can be made to it. The lease varies from one property to another, so you should have a complete understanding of them before signing the contract.

The client usually asks questions relating to the maintenance costs and whether any improvements can be made. A leasehold solicitor guides about the dos and don’ts of the property you will buy or already own.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers And Property Tax Lawyers

A commercial real estate lawyer is approached regarding matters related to commercial property. They protect corporate ownership rights, help deal with commercial lease disputes, and work towards title insurance.

A commercial real estate lawyer also protects the interest of his clients and makes sure that a deal that has been signed is legitimate and has no flaws. Hiring a solicitor makes it easy for the clients to draft good contracts and represent complex legal matters.

Property tax lawyers are there to advise people, people in business, and agencies of government about the taxes and laws that govern the imposed tariffs. Property tax lawyers understand complications related to matters of accounting. The lawyers resolve tax issues by filing appeals of tax court verdicts and establishing connections with the Internal Revenue Service.

They also give guidance on how to save money and how to make the most of tax credits. They are also very good at researching legal matters, interpreting tax legislature, writing reports about what they find, and filing legal documentation. We have the best property damage lawyer, lease extension solicitors, commercial real estate lawyer, commercial lease lawyer, patent law attorney, property tax lawyer, residential property solicitors, leasehold solicitors, family law property settlement.

Summing Up

Our associate lawyers help in all the property and financial dealings that concern a divorce. They offer their legal services in matters that concern buying, selling, lease-holding, and maintaining a property.

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