Debt collection in India has been successfully resolved by our company on a number of occasions. Does your company have a debt collection in India because an Indian debtor has left your invoices unpaid? Our debt collection experts at our Indian table will be happy to assist you.

Debt collection in India may seem impossible. Barriers to language and culture, foreign laws and customs, and far beyond all pose significant challenges.
Debt recovery is easier if you use a law enforcement agency in the laws and customs of the country where the debtor resides. Cedar Financial provides international representatives in India who understand debt collection methods that work to support full repayment of your money.

We contact your Indian borrower in their native language and use international knowledge and experience to make the Indian borrower pay. Specifically, our debt collectors and experts are familiar with local business and culture. We can guarantee that our debt collection company will claim your payment. Our debt collectors have the knowledge, experience and expertise to get the payment you are entitled to resolve with your debt collection in India.

Debt collection in india

Since 1991, Cedar Financial has been operating as a nationwide trusted credit bureau, helping businesses collect unpaid accounts worldwide. With debt collection information in a variety of industries, our knowledgeable team collects your debts quickly and efficiently so you can get the payments you owe.
With offices in more than 150 countries, including India, working with Cedar Financial gives you access to a global network of licensed debt collectors nationally. Our deep understanding of local laws, customs and traditions guarantees the best possible debt settlement results.

We are committed to resolving your Indian debt collection case as soon as possible. Once you have referred your Indian debt collection case, we will do our best to contact your Indian debtor. Based on our experience, our Indian business debt collection methods are successful as we communicate with you creditors in their native language. We will contact your credit provider by telephone or send a payment reminder written in Hindi or any other indigenous language.

We also have the opportunity to visit the debtor. Since we are working with private investigators, they can investigate your Indian business debt collection case further where necessary. If your Indian creditor fails to answer your calls, seek letters, or emails, then our international assistants can visit the credit provider in India.
The timing of your business debt collection in India depends on the type of debt collection case you are facing with your Indian debtor. In most cases, it may take a few weeks to receive your payment for a standard debt collection case. Our debt counselors will always keep you up to date. Once your claim has been approved by our debt counseling firm, you can always follow up on your case through our 24/7 online portal.
Our goal is to provide high-quality debt collection services worldwide. We achieve our goal through continuous research, testing, efficient use of technology, and collaboration while maintaining strong and positive relationships with the debtor, thus allowing you to maintain a “negotiating window” for future business opportunities.

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