We have a team of experienced criminal lawyers in the UAE and are well equipped to help with all kinds of criminal matters in the country. The UAE criminal law contains many provisions based on Islamic Shariah law that requires certain knowledge and understanding. No one should be held guilty of any penal offense on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offense, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed.

Our crime prevention services and legal advice are based on providing compassionate and compassionate services to customers. We understand that, in the face of criminal allegations, people are emotionally disturbed, and thus we provide our legal expertise by recording all the important details and creating a clear picture of the situation.

Our Criminal Lawyers in UAE represent our clients in criminal cases ranging from hacked checks to criminal fraud, breach of trust, theft, defamation and defamation. Our Professional Advocates are well versed in the laws of the UAE Criminal and Criminal Justice System, with extensive experience of representing individuals and organizations in criminal proceedings before UAE courts in all seven emirates and handling complex criminal cases.

Depending on the circumstances, our team will first apply for bail, and then prepare and deliver the required memos and appeals as negotiated with you.

Our main goal is to ensure that you get the right treatment throughout the process, and we can ensure that our criminal justice services in the UAE are comprehensive, efficient and understand the consequences.

All cases are handled with the same level of care and attention to detail, to ensure that all clients are advised fairly and accurately, and that our commitment to customers has achieved a high percentage of winning court decisions. Our unwavering success has earned us a winning reputation among the country’s leading law firms.

We believe that everyone has the right to legal advice and that it is our professional duty to protect our clients as best we can. Whether we are working for the deceased or the defendant, our criminal prosecutors are answering questions from people seeking criminal protection to ensure that their rights are protected by the UAE Constitution and Criminal Procedure Law.

We have a very professional crime advocacy panel with expertise in criminal law matters in the region. We can protect you from all kinds of criminal cases whether they are related to police investigations or prosecutions. With years of experience, we can assure you that you get justice in the courts.

Our criminal lawyers have extensive expertise and knowledge of Islamic Sharia Law and UAE law. For clients facing prosecution after a criminal charge, we can act as attorneys and provide effective representation to defend suspected cases. It doesn’t matter if the crime is just a crime or a misconduct, or something more serious, the way we work is the same. We provide expert legal advice, guidance and support through UAE legal processes. This helps clients defend their cases and prepare for the best results.

The firm is proud of its dedicated team of Defense lawyers. In the workplace, the firm provides comprehensive legal advice that covers all stages of the criminal justice process. From preliminary investigations to trial and tribunals, witness proceedings, arbitration in a variety of summonses and submissions, our lawyers excelled in all subsequent stages of the Defense process.

As one of the leading legal acts in Dubai and the UAE, we have a proven track record of successful criminal cases. We operate in a confidential and professional manner, working closely with clients to ensure fair representation. Our team is multilingual and has extensive knowledge of international legal systems. This means that we can take cases involving foreigners, along with our work with UAE citizens.

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