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Child Custody Law in UAE

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One area of law unknown segment of law several civilians around the world is that the custodial aspect of family law within the U.A.E. Almost like countries everywhere the world, the end, and most vital, goal in custody battles is that the best interests of the kid. Custody laws within the U.A.E. are fraught with mentions of the child’s best interests.

In divorce cases, spouses typically fight over the custody of the kid, and usually, it’s the mother who wins call at the U.A.E. Again, since the courts of law are only concerned with the child’s best interests, mothers aren’t awarded custody once they are deemed unfit. The custodian must fulfill an inventory obligation, including being of sound mind, honest, mature, capable of raising a toddler, freed from communicable disease, and not sentenced to a significant crime. If a parent contradicts any of the aforementioned conditions, the laws indicate that the kid must be placed with the one who will seek the child’s best interests. Certain laws even specify that a custodian must be of an equivalent religion because the child, nevertheless, courts must not adhere thereto condition if the interests of a toddler are best served with a custodian of a special religion. Though the separation between custodian and guardian, mother and father, and husband and wife could seem complex initially, it’s important to notice that the most question of concern is:

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What are the simplest interests of the child?

Although divorces and custody battles are messy, the great laws within the U.A.E. plan to cover as many situations as possible, and it’s essential in their practical use to center the difficulty on what’s best for the kid. For instance, Article 156 of the Federal Law No. 28 from 2005 of UAE Personal Status Law addresses the custody of a toddler should be attended to by the mother, until 11 years aged for a boy and 13 years aged for a woman. There is the same clause, Article 148, 142, 143, 144, 145 from Federal Law No. 28 of the year 2005.

The law sets out that this circumstance can change if the court determines something else is best for the kid. Recently Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi heard a child custody case. During this case, the kid of 13 years, who lived together with her mother, the custodian, was to be returned to the guardian, her father, per Article 156, mentioned above. After months of trials, hearings, and appeals, the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi didn’t grant the daddy custodianship. Though this goes against Article 156, the court found it might be within the best interests of the lass to remain together with her mother until she is married. It’s clear that legally and practically speaking, the goal is that the same, custody is awarded to the parent that most closely fits the requirements of the child’s best interests.

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