Business setup in Ajman will be a great decision. Ajman is the smallest state of UAE but it is the best option for business setup because it provides a huge benefit in business setup to companies. For business setup, you can choose from mainland or free zone jurisdiction.  Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was developed in back 1988. It attracted a large number of companies due to its massive industrial development and investment privileges they provided to companies. They provided a huge number of privileges and facilities to give a considerable (ROI) to companies. The policies developed by the rulers are very suitable for every kind of business.

The location of ajman maniland is very prime and suitabke for businesses and also easy accessible. Real estates, retail, construction, transport and business services are the most famous startups in ajman. Business setup in ajman is a quick and easy process. New startups can easily start their business in ajman. If you are a new startup, you can contact us to get services of our professionals to start your business in ajman.

Ajman is known for quick process of business setup. The process to form a company is very easy and simple.  You just need a valid business license in order to run a company in ajman. Your business license is what makes your company legal and defines what types of business you are doing. Different type of business in ajman have different licences. Some most important licences in ajman are National industrial license, Trading license, Industrial license, Professional/Service license, E-commerce license, General maintenance license.

You will have freedom to target all retail market across all UAE directly from ajman. United Arab Emirates is the best place where you can start your business. It provides a huge number of facilities to investors. It is tax free country and also have investor friendly norms.

There are many benefits of business setup in ajman free zones. Like:- no red tape, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, corporate tax is fully exempted for companies, business friendly laws for the companies, simplified immigration policies and quick for workers.  That’s why ajman is one of the most favorite place of nee startups and established businesses.

The free zone of ajman has high tech telecom, communication links, top-notch digital customer services, and incentives for entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in ajman free zone. All Business Entities in commercialized geographical areas and directly registered under the Emirates government and its authorities are known as mainland companies. To start a business in ajman you must have a local sponsor. A local sponsor will have a 51% share in the company, and the business person will own the remaining 49%.

The registration process is simple, and a particular set of documents are required mandatorily

  • A valid copy of the passport of the company shareholders
  • Proof of residence of the company owner
  • Memorandum of association
  • Article of association
  • Duly filled application for incorporation of an offshore account
  • Bank reference letter
  • Resume of the owner of the offshore account
  • Business plan with cost-benefit analysis

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