If at any point in your life you are arrested for any insignificant/small violation such as driving while drunk, the government allows bail. Bail is granted when certain conditions are met, however, if these conditions are not followed through, the bail can be easily revoked. 

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Types of Bail

In UAE there are two types of bails that can be granted by the authority of the law such as the Police Force or People’s court. The following are the two types of bails.

The Financial Bail

This type of bail includes a payment made to the government, this allows a temporary release. However in case of conditions are not met then the bail is revoked and the amount paid does not get refunded, in some extreme cases the passport of the accused is also taken away. The decision regarding the passport is reversible by a judge.

The Personal Bail 

This type of bail is granted for the release to the public. This bail is granted on the condition that the accused person visits the court on dates that would be previously decided by the court. 

The bail is:

  • Self (Withholding Passport)
  • Bail Guarantor (Another trusted person)

In the event of the Bail Guarantor, he/she would be completely responsible for ensuring that the accused person complies with all conditions. 

The Bail Guarantor’s Responsibilities

Here are some of the Legal Liabilities the Bail Guarantor needs to be aware of:

  • A bail bond must be signed by both, the accused and the guarantor, detailing the nature and conditions of release
  • Guarantor must agree to present the accused when the court demands
  • The guarantor must also surrender their passport as a collateral
  • The guarantor is responsible for paying fines in place of the accused
  • The guarantor can be charged with a violation in case the accused does not come to court when summoned

When is Bail Guarantor Relieved?

The guarantor will be free of their responsibility once the case is dismissed. The security that was deposited by the guarantor is refunded, and under no circumstances is any of the amount paid can be refunded.

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